Clash Royale For Beginners

If you are a beginner and want to get started with Clash Royale, then you need to firstdownload it and learn about comment utiliser serveur privé clash royale apk.Once you gain some idea on its usage, you must create units with a balanced mix.


  • So basically, your unit should have some strong as well as some weak units. Stronger units usually can cost you a good amount elixir hence it is better to have a mixture of all types of units.
  • Your units must comprise of the ones which are fast, units that are good at destroying towers, units which can counter against the air units, units that can defend the towers etc.
  • It is very obvious for a beginner to feel nervous or panic if he loses a tower or if the opponent is pressurizing. But, the fact is there is nothing to feel intimidated about because one who tries to put pressure on you might be actually losing the game.
  • During the last minute, do not take an impulsive decision like putting forward all your units. You should be more focused that tower in the center and the other towers are protected first.
  • According to your fighting preference, you must pick your cards. For an instance, you must pick fast moving units if you prefer to play aggressively.But if you prefer to defend your own ground, then it is better to prefer units which are capable of withstanding a lot of damages caused.
  • Try to find out the elixir averages so that you can determine the duration that will be required to take down your cards. You will play better if the time is less.
  • It is very important to use strong combat units for shielding the troops.You can send troops to enemy territory if you see that the enemy is going to destroy one of your towers.